Suicide Cleanup

Detroit Crime Scene Cleanup is highly trained for all types of biohazard cleanup to get rid of the residuals of a suicide scene. We accept homeowners insurance.

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Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup is done by professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of how to cleanup blood and bodily fluids safely.

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Unattended Deaths

Finding an unattended death of a loved one can be an extremely stressful and traumatic situation. We clean up after natural and unattended deaths in Detroit

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Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Know More About Crime Scene Cleanup Services
After the police have finished processing an accident scene or a crime scene, this is the time when the cleaning process can begin. Crime scene cleanup often includes blood spills that occur after some type of violent crime like assault, suicide, or homicide has occurred. In addition to tasks like homicide cleanup, cleanup crews also have to handle a variety of other tasks to include:

- Decomposed bodies
- Industrial accidents
- Infectious disease contamination
- Animal biohazards
- Handling of regulated waste (treatment, transport, disposal)

Crime scene cleanup is often featured in pop culture and the media. You may have seen this job popularized Quentin Tarantino films or in the reality TV series Grim Reapers. You can also watch documentaries about it on the Discovery Channel or National Geographic Channel. Due to the nature of the job, it is popularized in just about every form of print, online, or visual media and even video games.

CSI in Stairwell.